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Does your workday leave you feeling drained and stressed? Do you often find tension between how you want to show up at work and how others expect you to show up? You're not alone. recently found that over 50% of employees are feeling burned out.

Spacious Work is a subscriber-only newsletter published 1-2 times per week sharing practical mindsets, options, and examples for reducing burnout and reconnecting with your work in more creative, energizing, and fulfilling ways.

It's about a way of working that works with the rest of your life, not against it.


Burnout is often caused by a combination of how we show up at work and our workspace culture. The good news is that by learning and trying new mindsets and practices, we can often reduce burnout by changing how we show up at work and hopefully also influence our workspace culture.

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Spacious Work is published by Adam Zolyak, who's missing is to support more more people to have the purpose, connection, and options they need to be live authentic fulfilling lives - at work, at home, and everywhere in between.

Adam has worn many hats (leader, coach, product, designer, developer, marketer) at many companies from startups, to scaling and public companies. He frequently explores the future of human potential + work through writing and speaking about his own experience.

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